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Season Of Dream
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say it with me:

makeup is gender neutral

I whispered “makeup is gender neutral” out loud on the train and the guy next to me looked at me weird but then whispered “fuck yea” back

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There is one thing my followers should know and that is that I’ll be gone for a few days starting on April 25th.

I’ll be taking a trip to Venezuela and if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know how shitty Venezuela is at the moment. So no, it probably won’t be a smooth sail. 

But why are you going to Venezuela then? 

Because we already bought the tickets long ago, that’s why. Also, family. 

Moving on, you can expect less posts from me in the following days but don’t worry, I will be posting (it depends on the WiFi I get along the way.) and if I don’t announce my return within May you can assume there has been complications. 

Anyways, I’ll see you all later!

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Help save a 16 year-old trans girl of color from being put in a mens adult prison with NO crimes charged on her by emailing Commissioner Katz.



She has never been convicted of a crime but they want to move her to near isolation in an adult mens prison. This CANNOT happen. Here is a more in depth article:

I put together an email for Commissioner Katz, so all you have to do is copy and paste it. Click here for the example email

Please reblog to raise awareness!

signal boost, please!

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Everything You Need to Know to Rebuild Civilization from Scratch →


Fantastic resource for those of you writing post-apocalyptic stories. :)

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"Don’t fool yourself. English isn’t inherently superior, or easier to learn, or more sonically pleasing. Its international usage comes from forceful assimilation and legacy of colonialistic injection. It isn’t a deed that one should take pride in."
- my uncle left this comment on his friend’s Facebook status, a white British man who was bragging about how easy it is to be a native English speaker when trekking to different nations. (via maarnayeri)
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Opening a story file to work on it after not touching it for months.


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"Everyone you idolize wakes up scared to be themselves sometimes."
- Pete Wentz (dec. 2005)
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Ensemble “Blue Blood”

Historically inspired couture ensemble, made from soft black leather and intense blue lamé.
This outfit consists of an S curve underbust corset, matching bra, a fishtail skirt and leather bolero jacket.All items feature custom-designed lasercut motifs, carefully arranged to follow the curves of the body and match up at the seams.

The bolero jacket is also decorated with quilting around the collar and hems.

Royal Black Couture and Corsetry (x)

gimme gimme gimme. I love this. -Miss Miasma

I need it in my life

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Why do good female characters need to die in the name of shitty writing

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"You get ideas from daydreaming. You get ideas from being bored. You get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is we notice when we’re doing it."
- Neil Gaiman  (via attaches)
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